About us

MEDO was founded in 1994, with 4 doctors of general medicine, a first-generation cell phone, a medical bag and a lot of soul.

At this time, MEDO has 28 physicians and collaborators, 10 nurses, modern clinic equipped according to the highest standards, medical ambulances, medical analysis laboratory.

MEDO has at this time a portfolio of 10000 permanent assistants and a number of 286 contracting companies.


Creating a modern, diversified medical system with a high level of material, logistical and human basis to meet the needs and needs of our clients.

Increase MEDO revenue and profit for company development and employee welfare.

Meeting customer needs is above all else, then those of employees, and those of shareholders are the last.


Solving the problems of patients and corporate clients, as well as the possibility of registering them for access to the diversified services of MEDO.

The services are organized in such a way that they can solve any requirement up to the level of hospitalization (exclusive), nationally and internationally.


  • Direct access of our clients to our headquarters, or our partner MEDO Centers for information, identification and problem solving
  • Calling the telephone dispatch service (0268) 966, 24 / 24h
  • Access via the Internet to be permanently connected to the MEDO center
  • Customer orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Performance
  • Pragmatism
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity


Since its arrival on the medical services market in Brasov, MEDO has made strong efforts to always be the first:

  1. the first mobile phone in the country exclusively used for medical services – 1994
  2. first private home care service, non-stop – 1994
  3. the first private occupational health services launched on the market in Brasov – 1995
  4. First private home care services – 1995
  5. the first internet site with the .ro – 1996 medical domain
  6. First Life Insurance Company – 1996
  7. first private medical dispatch, phone 0268/966 – 1998
  8. the first private ambulance in Brasov – 2001
  9. the first and only medical center in Brasov with integrated medical services based on the “solve the client” principle – 2001
  10. the first medical card in Brasov – MEDOcard – 2001
  11. the first and only medical center in Europe where Zhendao acupuncture is practiced by Chinese specialist – 2009
  12. the first partner in Romania of DNA Solutions – 2010
  13. the first Medical Permanent Center in Brasov – 2011
  14. first Lyoness partner medical center in Brasov – 2011
  15. Certification of the Integrated Management System of Medical Services by QEC Ltd United Kingdom


The Medo Laboratory has implemented the quality standard SR EN ISO 15189: 2007 certified by RENAR.

MEDO also implemented the quality system for integrated medical services according to ISO9001: 2008 by QEC Ltd. in the UK.


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