Centre for Permanency

Day and night we take care of your health

The Medical Center for Permanency at MEDO Braşov is a service established in 2011 and has the role of providing medical services and medical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was established in collaboration with the Brasov Health Insurance House and the Brasov Public Health Directorate in order to provide permanent medical assistance to any patient in Brasov and Ghimbav.

Dozens of patients are unnecessarily cluttering the emergency department of the Brasov County Hospital. Emergency doctors say that 15% of the cases they are dealing with are minor illnesses that should be addressed to family doctors.

The Medical Activity is done by 10 doctors and over 15 nurses ready to intervene in solving your minor urgency. Approximately 80-85% of patients’ problems can be resolved in primary care with maximum safety, comfort and satisfaction.


The medical services provided by our doctors at the permanent center are the following:

  • medical assistance in acute medical conditions and medical-surgical emergencies, within the competence of the family physician and technical possibilities;
  • referral to other specialties for admission, in situations that exceed the competencies of the doctor;
  • administering medication needed for emergency treatment;
  • the release of a medical certificate for the patient, which will be presented to his or her family doctor for the prescribed prescription;

Medical services are granted to all persons who request them, regardless of their insured status.

Our clinic also has a medical ambulance ready to intervene in case of minor medical emergencies occurring at any time.

Medo does not provide consultations for emergency status of grade „0”

Consultation rooms and treatment rooms are properly equipped so that we can provide non-stop medical services at our premises.

The team of doctors at MEDO Permanent Center consists of:

  • Dr.med. Radu MITREA, Family Medicine Primary Physician
  • Dr.med. Nicoleta TIGANEA, Family Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. med. Camil NEGREI, general practitioner

  • Dr. med. Iulia GONTIA, Family Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. med. Alexandru TARZIU, Family Medicine Primary Physician
  • Dr. med. Daniela NANIA, general practitioner
  • Dr. med. Mihai ROSCA, general practitioner
  • Dr. med. Vasile PRUTEANU, general practitioner
  • Dr. med. Iulia ARDELEAN, Family Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. med. Laura-Mihaela ISOP, Family Medicine Specialist