Family Doctor

Our doctors have only one concern: your health

Our Family medicine service of is a modern service, organized and equipped according to European standards and norms.

To benefit from the full range of services offered by our Medical Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can enroll on your family doctor’s list very simply by following these steps. When we say 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we mean it. In our Medical permanency center you can always find a doctor and a nurse who can offer you General Medicine – Family Medicine consultations.

What benefits do we offer in addition to other Family Medicine structures? Here are just a few of them:

  • We are dependent on your program, not on our schedule;
  • The permanent center complements the family medicine program;
  • We do not charge for consultation without appointment. We appreciate being order and that is why we are making appointments, but unfortunately we and you can not predict when we get sick and therefore the emergency will have priority.
  • Specialists in various specialties are at your disposal at the same location.

The Family Medicine Service provides an efficient management of patients’ problems, from prevention to the monitoring of chronic diseases, with programming or even on-demand at home in case of emergency.

Our concern is to create a Family Medicine service where we can solve any health problems that you have and that do not require hospitalization. Approximately 80-85% of patients’ problems can be resolved in primary care with maximum safety, comfort and satisfaction.

The Family Medicine Specialist is and must be the one who cares about your health in dealing with information management and giving you specialized help for better guidance in the medical system.

In our Family Medicine service there is a permanent concern for improving communication, reflecting on the therapeutical results and the doctor-patient relationship.

Permanent communication with our patients is done by modern means: telephone, email, Medo newsletter.

Medical activity is based on the practice guide based on evidence and protocols of the Medo Medical Center.

At MEDO, our patients feel really like a family. For us every patient is special!

The team of family medicine physicians consists of:

  • Radu MITREA, Primary Physician
  • Adrian DANCIULESCU, Specialist Physician
  • Dr. med. Camil NEGREI, General Practitioner

  • Dr. med. Laura ISOP, Specialist Physician