MEDO Clinic Brasov

Access to health

MEDO was founded in 1994, with 4 doctors of general medicine, a first-generation cell phone, a medical bag and a lot of soul.

At this time, MEDO has 28 physicians and collaborators, 10 nurses, modern clinic equipped according to the highest standards, medical ambulances, medical analysis laboratory. MEDO has at this time a portfolio of 10000 permanent assistants and a number of 286 contractors.

Centre for Permanency

The MEDO permanency center is a service set up in 2011. This center offers the continuity of MEDO healthcare services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Permanent Center was established in collaboration with the Brasov Health Insurance House and the Brasov Public Health Directorate and solved the minor urgency for the inhabitants of Brasov and Ghimbav.

Family Medicine
Centre for Permanency

Str. Cicoarei nr. 8A
Tel: 0268 966
Daily 15.00 – 08.00
Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: 24 / 24 ore

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