Here’s a list of benefits of being a MEDO partner:

  • HotLine 24/7 – for any medical condition
  • priority for appointments and medical services
  • annual general medical examination for each family member
  • 6 free house consults in case of sickening/year
  • unlimited laboratory tests for each family member: blood count, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, fibrinogen, urine summary, urea, creatinine, STGO, STGP, VSH, Gama GT
  • ultra sounds at MEDO
  • specialty consults at MEDO, within the limits of the existing specialties
  • complex laboratory tests *
  • dentist consults
  • free post op house assistance *
  • medical transportation in Brasov
  • assistance for hospitalization in private clinics in Romania and abroad

* The investigations will be carried out only on the basis of the referral ticket issued by a Medo doctor.

All contracted medical services will be performed at the indication of the Medo doctor, or of the attending physician in the hospital.