Chinese Traditional Medicine

Acupunctura Zhendao, medicina traditionala chineza Centrul de Diagnostic si Tratament Medo Brasov

The activity of the acupuncture cabinet will restart from 8 September 2020. Appointments can be made by calling 0268 412 421 or 0268 474 237, or by email at We would like to ask all our patients to respect their appointment time as well as all other indications from the MEDO team regarding the safety measures!

A Chinese professor of specialized in Zhendao acupuncture is in Brasov to continue the project started by Professor Xiao DEHUA.

Prof. Dr. LI HONG taught at the BEIJING HANZHANG ZHENDAO institute, was the technical director of ZHENDAO Hospital in BEIJING, Consul of ZHENDAO CHINA TECHNOLOGY and the main consul of BEIJING MASS RESEARCH INSTITUTION.

Prof. Dr. Li HONG has a vast experience with thousands of cases resolved by this type of therapy, being one of the 25 ZHENDAO acupuncture specialists in China.

On average, a patient requires between 3-6 sessions to resolve a condition. Each session takes about 3-5 minutes.

In the maneuvers to stimulate energy centers a special needle made of titanium is used. Aseptic methods are guaranteed and remove any risk of secondary infection.

Consultation and treatment are offered to adults and children in the following diseases: osteo-articular and muscular diseases, acute and chronic; neuromotor and sensory disorders; psychic tubercles; erectile disorders; functional disorders of internal organs; metabolic and endocrine disorders; metabolic imbalances (obesity, etc.).

Up to now, over 20000 patients have been treated at MEDO Medical Center through this therapy.

The activity takes place at MEDO medical center on Cicoarei street no.8A, from Tuesday to Friday, between 08.00-14.00.

Appointments and information at 0268 412 421, Monday to Friday between 08.00-18.00.