DNA And Paternity Tests

A DNA test can change your life and answer your questions.

We can offer our advice and support in paternity / maternity / kinship testing.

MEDO can provide you with professional, efficient services under absolute discretion for any kind of DNA testing, from a simple paternity test, to complex tests in order to determine the degree of kinship between two people, or even the prenatal determination of paternity, starting from the 8th week of pregnancy.

All of our tests are performed in collaboration with accredited laboratories from abroad, on a number of at least 20 autosomal STR DNA markers.

These tests can be performed both for your information or to be used before the court or other legal authorities.

The informative paternity test is done by your at home, through the simple harvesting kit. We can send you anywhere in the country the harvesting kit that consists of collecting pads to be used by each person to be tested along with instructions on the procedure to be followed for the correct sampling.

The legalized paternity test is performed at our clinic based on programming. A specialized assistant will harvest oral cells from each participant and the samples will be sealed in front of you.

Orders for the informative test or programming for the legalized test are made by phone at 0730 096 609 or 0730 096 610 or by email at one of the addresses adn.medo@gmail.com or mihaela.alexandru@medo.ro.