Healthcare For Events

MEDO assures medical assistance for medical sport and cultural events, for several years now.
The medical assistance is made with the help of our ambulances, with medical staff, all according to the contract made with the event planners.

The list of the cultural events of which MEDO ensured the medical assistance is very long, and includes:

  • World record for jumping with a parachute from a hot air balloon, from 11.500 m – march 2006
  • The Golden Stag Music Festival Brasov
  • The Europe concert at Brasov – August 2005
  • Cold Mountain shooting – 2002
  • The Romanian Championship of Ice Hockey
  • Medical assistance for local football games of FC Brasov – from 2006
  • MTV Romanian Awards – 2011
  • National Rugby Championship of junior/senior – 2010
  • National Championship of junior ice-skating and hockey on ice – 2010
  • National Basketball Championship – 2010

We reserve the right to keep the confidentiality of the events starting with 2012.