Medical Transportation

We reach where others only dream about

Our medical transportation service is ready to respond to all your needs. MEDO’s ambulances and medical transportation units are equipped according to the latest European standards, and offer the patients the comfort and safety they need. Some of our ambulances special features are: air conditioned habitat, vaccumatic stretcher, elevating wheeled cot with adjustable fixing system.

It is not an alternative to the public ambulance service.

Our ambulance service is the first private ambulance service in Brasov.

Our crews are experienced in in-hospital medical journeys and long distances: domestic and international. Three ambulances equipped with European standards with: defibrillator monitor, pulse oximetry, electrocardiograph, oxygen system, polytrame counters, medication kits and cardiopulmonary resuscitation kits, secretory vacuum cleaner, frames for fracture immobilization, wheelchairs for transport, are at your service.

The special features of: Vacuum bumper, retractable treadmill and variable fastening system, heating / cooling systems in the emergency cell, allow the patients to be transported in the best possible conditions. These are facilities that distinguish us from other ambulance services in Brasov.

Accessibility to MEDO ambulance services is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The team with the average age of 35 years is trained to deal with the most diverse medical-surgical activities, visits at home, medical transportation in Brasov, in the country and abroad.

Medo does not provide urgent medical care for grade “0” emergency

We provide emergency medical care for cultural, artistic, sporting events.

Our partners:

  • SOS London, SOS Paris, SOS Geneva
  • Bucharest Emergency Hospital
  • Air France and British Airways
  • London Ambulance Service
  • Utilitarian aviation
  • ASB Germany

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