Clinical Lab

MEDO Brasov Clinic is equipped with its own laboratory for medical analysis with international, C.N.A.S. and RENAR accreditation. MEDO offers you the possibility of collecting biological samples both at the clinic and at the patient’s home.

Samples are harvested using closed-vacuum systems, high security and patient protection systems. If there are ultraselective analyzes that can not be carried out in our laboratory, they are sent, under special transport conditions to laboratories abroad.

In our services are included medical analyzes for:

  • hematology
  • biochemistry
  • electrophoresis
  • microbiology
  • allergy
  • toxicology
  • cytology
  • immunology

In order to benefit from compensated laboratory services, the submission must contain:

  • patient name and Personal Numerical Code
  • proof of the quality of the insured
  • the number of the contract with the BRASOV Health Insurance House
  • the doctor’s name and code
  • diagnosis

The list of analyzes that can be performed in our lab can be downloaded here.

The analyzes will be made free of charge, within the established limit paid by CAS BRASOV

PROGRAM: Monday – Friday 07:30 – 10:30, Saturday 8: 00-10: 30

More contact information can be found on our contact page HERE

MEDO Brasov reserves the right to carry out the analyzes only with full payment, upon reaching the monthly limit negotiated with C.A.S. Brasov.