„People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness they still remain in his debt.”


Patient-centered medicine is a concept that is being talked about more and more. It has long been a time of shamanic medicine, the era in which the doctor was the sole possessor of absolute truth. At present, there is more and more talking about the partnership between physician and patient, collaborative medicine. In this equation, it is not only the physician’s opinion that matters, but also that of the patient. Together they cross the disease state and try to solve the patient’s health problems. Therefore, the patient needs to be informed, to know as much about health as a whole and about his illness in particular. Only an informed patient knows how to participate in making the best decisions about his illness. The doctor, especially the family doctor, is the patient’s counselor, is the one who guides him in the rather abstract world of health services. The family doctor is the one who manages the patient’s health information. But the patient also needs to be informed, to participate actively at all stages of his care, from diagnosis to treatment, to understand, to choose, to accept, to observe certain rules.

To that end, we thought that in the “Patients” section we should provide our patients with health information, the most common conditions, and even try a dialogue. Here we present various medical articles, medical guides, newsletters and other materials.

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