Dentistry is a part of the medicine that deals with the research of etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of diseases of organs and systems of oro-maxilo-facial territory of the human body, the basis for dental treatment methods and at the same time also deals with their elaboration.

Dentistry, not only treats the teeth and gums, but also has a preventive role. Proper oral hygiene is important for the health of teeth and gums. But healthy teeth are not just a matter of aesthetics, healthy teeth also avoid other health problems. Healthy dangling is a way to avoid digestive problems. At the same time, healthy teeth help you speak correctly.

Dentistry includes several specialties:

  • Dental prophylaxis: Prophylaxis consists in thoroughly and effectively cleaning all the structures of the oral cavity by focusing on the teeth

  • Periodontology: It deals with the periodontal health by using medical-surgical techniques

  • Endodontics: Correct and complete treatment of dental channels

  • Odontotherapy: The dentistry branch that deals with the prevention and treatment of dental decay

  • Prosthetics: Restoring dental integrity through fixed or mobile prosthetic works

  • Dental Aesthetics: Medo Dentisty can help you get the most desired smile by correcting the factors directly involved in making a healthy smile

  • Pedodontics: Dental care given to children

  • Implantology and surgery

Consultations and treatments are done by Dr. Tudorache Oana.

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